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50+ Years of Knowledge, 50+ Years of Community Support, 50+ Years of Tradition

Find These Sale Prices During Our Final Days!

All Christmas and Fall items 90% off!

75% OFF
Bagged Gravel and Water Garden, 
ALL Plant Material, Gift Items,

Garden and Wild Bird Supplies

There's not much left, but we're enjoying everyone who's stopping by to wish us well.

We have some larger commercial items for sale including vehicles, a generator, shelves, ect.
Stop in and find out more.
We'll be posting these items on Facebook as well.
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Thanks to the Shippensburg and Chambersburg Chronical for sharing our story and taking the time to care about local small businesses in our area.
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Dear friends,

It’s time to retire. When I took the keys from Tim and Marie Saber in 1971, I could never have imagined saying those words. Along with a wonderfully dedicated staff, I’ve done my best to provide a unique mix of plant materials, garden gifts, and supplies that transitioned, each fall, to a Christmas shop that became an event in itself.

The vast majority of folks who enjoy nature, its challenges, and its possibilities, have truly been a pleasure to work with over the years. Thanks to all for your patronage and friendship. It’s said that if you miss us when we’re gone then we must have done something good while we were here.

Please smile with the blooms, savor the shade, and seek joy in those special places touched by Snavely’s. It’s our hope that we have left a lasting impression in which good ideas can keep on growing.

~ Chris Snavely


We need all hands on deck for the first few days of our sale.
Phone's will not be answered.
Please email Chris at snavelyc@comcast.net
and he will get back with you.
Thank you!

~ Hours  ~

Beginning April 4th, Snavely's will be open 7 days a week!
Monday - Saturday from 9am to 5pm
Sunday Noon to 5pm

We will help our customers create, nurture and, in turn, enjoy their lawns and gardens by providing superior knowledge, products and services.
- Snavely's Garden Corner Mission

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