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Snavely's Garden Corner is a diversified garden center offering a terrific selection of plant material including dwarf & unusual evergreens, shade and flowering shrubs and trees, broadleaf evergreens and fruit bearing plants. We also offer the widest selection of perennial plants, ground cover and flowering vines in this area. Bedding plants including Proven Winners, Simply Beautiful and Flower Fields varieties are part of a constantly changing selection from March until August.

You'll also find a great selection of Dutch bulbs, herbs garden mums and aquatic plants in their respective seasons. Most important is our experienced staff that includes PLNA Certified Nurserymen and a wealth of experience. Whether you ask us to diagnose a problem, name a weed, identify an insect or help design elements of your landscape, we'll do our utmost to give you the best information possible. Be sure to check us out and see why "Snavely's is the place where good ideas keep growing".

The Garden Corner Nursery was started by Bucket Keltner in 1961 and sold to Tim and Marie Saber in 1964. Saber, who was an arborist/orchardist by trade concentrated on landscape installation while his wife ran the retail shop and greenhouse. When the Sabers opted to retire in 1971, it offered a long sought opportunity to Joe Snavely to own his own plant related business.

With Chris, freshly graduated from University of Maryland's ornamental horticulture program they seized the chance. The business grew, was joined by brother Jon and expanded to a second operation in Hagerstown, MD in 1987. Joe retired some years ago and Jon opted to retire and after 28 successful years. The Hagerstown store was closed at the end of 2015, leaving Chris, in the Chambersburg store to continue development of Snavely's Garden Corner's excellent reputation as full service garden centers.

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