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Celebrate Earth Day
Monday, April 22, 2024

Did you know that the idea for Earth Day started right here in the U.S. and now over 92 countries around the world celebrate this special day?

Senator Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes held the first Earth Day event in 1970 to commemorate the importance of protecting our natural environment. The event highlighted environmental awareness and appreciation for our natural resources. The idea was a monumental success and before long, Earth Day was being celebrated in countries all over the world. Learn more about Earth Day here
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Plant A Tree, Save The Earth

How can planting one tree make a difference?

When people plant trees they are doing more than just beautifying an area. Trees are beneficial to the environment in numerous ways. They help produce oxygen and filter out pollutants to clean the air. In addition, trees also help preserve water levels in the soil. Fruit and shade trees are a good choice when deciding the type of trees to plant around a home. When planted in the right location, shade trees can help keep a home cool and reduce energy costs.


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Arbor day
Don't Forget Arbor Day!

The first American Arbor Day was celebrated in 1872, but there are accounts of it being celebrated all over the world 100's of years before that. Arbor Day (Tree Day) is a holiday that celebrates the planting, upkeep and preservation of trees.

Arbor Day is the last Friday in April
April 26, 2024
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Mulch, Mulch, Mulch - Now On Sale!

Recycling in your yard at its best... 

Mulch is material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil. Mulching is a simple way to help make your landscape look neat and keep it healthy. We recommend using mulch made of natural materials that will break down and add nutrients to the soil.

The benefits of proper mulching are great. Mulching keeps water in the soil longer so the tree’s roots are able to absorb more. It controls weed germination and growth. This can prevent damage to the tree from lawnmowers or weed whackers. Mulching insulates and adds important nutrients to the soil while encouraging  a healthy population of soil organisms that benefit the trees, like earthworms.

Save our natural resources and giving back to our environment...

Garden flowers mulch shrubs

Plant What You Love

We are naturally attracted to the beauty and visual appeal of colorful flower gardens and green spaces.

It's such a treat to be able to design and create our own personal green retreats. Trees, plants and flowers not only add life and charm to our natural environment, but can greatly benefit our health and social well being. Large and small gardens, simple and complex, can all be enjoyed.
Teach child garden

Time Well Spent

From school age children to older green thumb pros, gardening is a favorite pastime to many around the world. We are lucky to have older generations teach, share, and hand down their gardening knowledge. The gift of learning how to help a seed or a plant grow gives a person a greater appreciation for the beauties of nature. Working in family and community gardens is a wonderful way to create memories and give back.

White flowers

Plant Something Positive

Greenery has a positive effect on air quality and climate. Flowers, trees and shrubs help to reduce dust and smoke from the air to improve air quality. During photosynthesis, their leaves absorb harmful carbon dioxide gases and discharge oxygen, increasing oxygen levels in the surrounding area. Flowers, trees and shrubs also aid in decreasing soil erosion, so less sediment is washed into local lakes and streams.
Recycle earth day


Environmental, economic and community benefits can be attained from recycling.
Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators. It conserves natural resources. Recycling prevents pollution and reduces greenhouse gases. Recycling increases economic security and saves energy. It  helps communities by supporting manufacturing and conserves resources. It also helps create jobs in those industries.
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